Visuals & Interactive Multimedia

Our Interactive Multimedia (iMultimedia) is a fusion of materials that includes some combination of texts, graphics, still images, buttons, animation, video, and audio; to give you (and your prospects) experiences that optimize the senses of sight and hearing simultaneously for best results, while allowing for better control of the materials.

We utilize custom materials like your logo, colors, and relevant core information to develop an experience that can be played on various media tools like your phone, TV, computer, tablet, etc.


While nothing matches the human brain for all-around intelligence, research continues to demonstrate that humans are largely driven by so many factors that limit their ability to retain and consistently present information over a period of time.

  • With iMultimedia you drastically reduce the costs and need for a human to present information.
  • You can use the same materials over and over for a broad spectrum of audiences without having to pay each time as you would for a human element.
  • Distribution and compatibility: Distribution of materials over long distances as opposed to sending and paying humans to do the same is better achieved. Besides, you can play these materials on various desktop and mobile devices.
  • Consistency: You don’t have to worry about uniformity of information passed to an audience if the same material is to be presented at separate times.
  • Entertainment: We develop interactive multimedia in ways that make it more entertaining, thereby holding the attention of your audience.
  • Visual impacts: Imagine trying to explain how much growth your client can experience or that you have experienced over time with graphs that utilize quantity, varied colors, and sound, all simultaneously, this will be more understood and likely to motivate the mind.


If you fall into any of these categories, then you sure need to think seriously about exploring the benefits of interactive multimedia:

  • Social and Business Corporate organizations – For meetings like the annual general meetings, and training workshops. It can be used as a marketing tool, digital profile, etc
  • Educators – Learning institutions can develop interactive materials to enrich training
  • Advertisers – Advertisers can develop this media to attract clientele and enhance the sales pitch
  • Online developments – When developing materials for online use, integrating interactive multimedia eases users’ experience.
  • Front Desks – At the lobby, instead of featuring TV programs that have no other use than to entertain the clients, custom-developed interactive multimedia can be played back on Smart TV screens to pass useful information about your services which might be unknown to your visitors at the lobby.
  • The list of applications is broad, think of it and we'd make it happen.