Our 3D and Visual Effect department generates realistic visuals and effects (VFX) that brings to life your conceived ideas.

Be you in the architectural, medical, advertising, TV, movie industries, etc, we painstakingly apply modern software tools to achieve video and photo realistic imageries which can be used for advertising, educational applications, presentations and the likes.  

3D modeling is able to show any product from its best sides.


The following can benefit from our 3D modeling:

1. Commercials. 
2. Building. 
3. Institutional. 
4. Auditoriums. 
5. 3D Vehicles design. 
6. 3D Human Anatomy. 
7. 3D Animal Anatomy. 
8. 3D Technology Product design. 
9. 3D Sports Equipment Product design. 
10. Industrial 3D Product models.

A hurried 3D Model of a scooter from ezee interactive studio