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With a variety of apple fruits to choose from, the ones with nasty patches are the least desired apples. Yet a golden apple cannot be ignored. What is the lesson? As the first imagery of your business identity, the impact of your logo is vital to who you attract and how much success you have.

The following time tested litmus tests will assist you to have a direction. I recommend you do this without bias or sentiments to your existing concept. After this test, don’t be afraid to tinker with what you already have. An example is APPLE INC. and what they have done with their logo over the years. See below their appearances from 1976 till date:

Test 1 - Go unique, Stand out?

When you see a group of uniformed men in identical suit, our eye usually see them as the same at a glance. But what happens when you spot out a person with a different pattern, style and color? We begin to give a specific attention to that difference. Can your brand logo stand differently from her competitors?

Test 2 – Is it talking to your target prospects?

Target audience

Have you ever wondered why Walt Disney logo is in sharp contrast to Apple Inc., even though both corporations offer fun? Both basically have different audiences and the message they want them to perceive. For Walt Disney, it’s about fun and dreams. This logo is meant to evoke a sense of fantasy and imagination. The castle conjures up dreams of excitement and romance and is an irresistible pull to young minds all over the world. So, Walt Disney is communicating right, and to the right audience. As for Apple, the audience is different. However, Apple devices over the years have combined fun with IT functionalities for a more serious audience that are enticed by sleek innovative designs.

Test 3 – accentuate what is on the inside

Last week I was invited by a pharmaceutical company to redesign their product pack and tinker with the logo. The product was a desloratadine (used to treat allergies). Incidentally my colleague who had taken well known desloratadine product manufactured by a major competitor had become drowsy and had difficulty being active in the meeting. So, I asked this pharmaceutical company: Is your product also sedating like your competitor’s? No, was the answer. Upon learning of this, in our design we found a way to highlight this and other important differences. What can you say about your brand on the inside that your logo really demonstrates?

Test 4 – Simplicity and complexity

hp logo

It’s important that your logo consists of lesser components than necessary. Hewlett Packard simply chose hp in a circle as their logo. Let’s imagine the logo having a mouse, printing machine and a computer surrounding the logo. It might tell us that Hewlett Packard makes these products, but don’t forget that it is an IT company that shouldn’t be limited to these products. So, it’s thoughtful that it is simple enough to give room for the complexity of her services. Bottom-line; don’t include any feature that makes your brand logo clumsy.

Test 4 – adaptability

About two decades ago, we probably bothered only about how our logo is printed. But today, we think of how it will adapt on the internet using TV, tablets screens and other digital devices. Some logos lose their impacts on these devices. Some become clumsy. Also imagine if you need to print on a small space like a pen, and if it will be distinct enough to be appreciated. So, a key question is: at the point of the design of your logo, were these factors considered?


Test 5 – ageless

Mercedes benz logo

Unless a logo is faltering with the changing of time, there really should be no need to change the logo. When you tinker with your logo, for consistency sake, you have to change your letterhead, complimentary cards, signage and other items. These changes can cost huge amount of money, especially if you have to sensitize people about the change through adverts. Can you imagine Mercedes Benz changing their logo to a three gear wheel; will it capture the essence of their services? Yes. The three pronged star actually embodies air, sea and land; so a three gear wheel can be interpreted as same. But no matter the age and time, the three pronged star will always capture Mercedes dominance.


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